I’ll Chew You Up And I’ll Spit You Out ‘Cause That’s What Young Love Is All About, So Pull Me Closer And Kiss Me Hard I’m Gonna Pop Your Bubblegum Heart…


i genuinely am paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks i am really really annoying and awful and is pretending to be my friend and it’s all part of some big joke

Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life 

  • Opening credits: Uncertain Times - The Raveonettes
  • Waking up: Page 28 - Sleeping At Last
  • Falling in love: All babes are wolves - Spinnerette
  • Fight song: Sullen Girl - Fiona Apple
  • Breaking up: Buy Her Candy - Sleater Kinney
  • Getting back together: Reach - Andrew Belle
  • Wedding: Teardrop - Civil Twilight
  • Birth of child: Shiver - Coldplay
  • Final battle: I do adore you - Mindy Gledhill
  • Death scene: Disparate Youth - Santigold
  • Funeral song: I don't mind - Parlours
  • End credits: Dragonfly - My Brightest Diamond


do you ever think about how fantastic someone you mutually follow is

and then suddenly go oh my god i hope they’re still following me

what if i did something horrible and now they h8 me

and then you rush to check

and they are



Kit Harington | Behind the Scenes of THR’s TV Supporting Actors/Actresses Class Photo Shoot


(via damnfunniestposts)


(via damnfunniestposts)